MS Flow 101 – send updated data from a SharePoint list Item

Back in good old days with SharePoint Designer, when you use the send an email action, it always send out the correct dynamic information from the SharePoint list Item,

In Flow this work differently , below is my experience with this:

Scenario steps:

  1. User request an approval via a SharePoint/PowerApps form
  2. Approval request is sent to manager
  3. Manager review the request and makes updates to some field
  4. Manager approves the request
  5. Flow should send out an email including the updates make in step 3

Solving the above flow:

Create a SharePoint list form with the required fields, my test below


Create a Flow to send an Approval request, trigger by “When item is created”


The challenge I found was that when adding “Dynamic Content”, it’s important that we make sure that we are refering values from the correct trigger. Based on the figure below, I’m getting current item information stored in the Flow, when the item got created. Meaning the recipient will not get the lastest information.


I got pretty good help from #Flow team @MSSupport, thank you. The trick is to use the SharePoint “Get Item” action, with ID from “When an item is created” trigger.


The email action can then use “Dynamic Content” from the “Get item” action


And it’s peace in the world again.

Full Flow:



Enjoy FLOW, 🙂


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