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Change SharePoint Online root site collection to use the new “Communication Site Template”

My tenant just got the new Communication site template. Thank you @SharePoint
As I’ve built numerous Intranet sites both with SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online, I want to see if I can use the new template on the root team site.

Because the root SPO site is a team site, it turn out no matter what I did I cannot get rid of the left NAV bar, even though I’ve got all the new webparts and layouts.


Tried with PowerShell, still no luck..

New-SPOSite -Title “Comsite2PowerShell” -Template SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0 -Url “” -Owner -StorageQuota 1000


Until Microsoft release a means to change this, my work around is as follows, remember that this works best for new customer or customer with an empty root SPO site, existing customer need to plan a migration of content.

First, create a new site using the Communication Template


Navigate to the “Save site as a template” page, this page is hidden from the menu so use the following URL

Give the new template a name | click OK


When completed click “Solution gallery”


Click on the name of the template to download it, save it to a location on your computer, you’ll need it later


In SharePoint Admin | delete your root site collection | then create a new one | for template for “Custom | Select template later”


After the site has been created, start a new browser tab and navigate to the new site.
It will now ask you to choose a template | click solution gallery |



Now choose to upload your “template.wsp” file you downloaded earlier | then Activate the Solution


Navigate back to the root site | now choose the “Custom” tab | you should see your template | choose the template | then OK


Wait for it


Choose your SharePoint Security Groups | OK


That’s it enjoy your Root site with the brand new communication template, It’s quite beautiful!








Orphaned SharePoint Online Site Collections after an O365 Group


O365 Groups or Unified Groups is a cool O365 feature, except when it don’t work as expected.

You just deleted the Group, but the hidden SharePoint Online Site Collection connected to the group didn’t got deleted automatically with the group.

Guess what it’s now an orphaned site collection in locked state.

To Remove these sites, follow the script below:


##Connect to SPO

Connect-SPOService -Url

#Get all SPO Sites | find your orphaned O365 Group Site Collection

#The SPO site Collection is actually locked, unlock it
Set-SPOSite -Identity -LockState Unlock

#If you were not Site Collection Admin before the O365 Group was deleted
Set-SPOSite -Identity -owner

#Then remove the orphaned site
Remove-SPOSite -Identity -NoWait