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Managing Guest in SharePoint vs Teams

"Guest", such a beautiful word, in my humble opinion Guest Users is one of the most valuable assets we have, and learning how to best collaborate with Guest users is an essential skill set. Lucky for us Microsoft with the continuous innovations in Office 365 makes the process more seamless everyday. * Guest Users -> is a user outside of your Office 365 organisation. How do you enable it? In Office 365 Central Administration center: Verify that Sharing is Enabled for the Tenant in Tenant Admin center Verify Office 365 Group allow users to invite guest Verify in SharePoint Admin center guest sharing is on What is the differences in Permissions and Sharing: At basic level Microsoft Teams have two permissions sets: Owner | Full control of the Team, … Continue reading Managing Guest in SharePoint vs Teams

Microsoft Teams Private Channels

First thing first, I love Private Channels, 😉 Microsoft finally #shippedit and it is great, works really smooth and below are my summaries: What is privat channel? Privat channel is a feature that allow members and owners of Teams to create channel privately to the owner/creator and invited members. Who can access a private channel? … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Private Channels