Month: June 2016

SharePoint 2016 Durable links

The new "Durable Links" feature in SharePoint 2016 and O365 seems to only support Office Documents. It's not supporting .PDF and Image files(.png, .jpg) "Durable Links" won't work either when you move documents from Web to Web. It only support moving between document libraries in the same web. Besides you have to use the drag and drop feature … Continue reading SharePoint 2016 Durable links

SharePoint 101 – WarmUp PowerShell

Need to warmup your SharePoint sites, try this small script #Get SharePoint PowerShell commands# asnp *sharepoint* #Query webapplications # $webapps = get-spwebapplication -IncludeCentralAdministration foreach ($app in $webapps) { $sites = get-spsite -webapplication $app.url -Limit ALL foreach ($site in $sites) { #write-host $site.Url; foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) { #write-host $web.Url; $r = Invoke-WebRequest -URI $web.Url -UseDefaultCredentials … Continue reading SharePoint 101 – WarmUp PowerShell