My SharePoint Log

Running SharePoint Server 2013 on Surface Pro 3

My Azure Dev subscription credits expired after a week, my¬†SharePoint stuff in azure got disabled. ūüė¶

As it turns out, running SharePoint Server 2013 on Surface Pro 3 was a breeze.

I’m the lucky owner of a Surface Pro 3, i7, 8GB RAM,

My VM setup:

Enable Hyper-V on my Surface Pro, Running Windows 10

DC | 1024 MB RAM

SQL 2014 | 1024 MB RAM

SP 2013 | 2048 MB RAM

Fix the hosts file | enable RDP | happy testing, coding, ect.. ūüôā



Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode

I just learned a new trick lately that i wanna share.

In Hyper-V if you want to copy directly to the virtual machine¬†using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V without first connecting to an RDP session. You can enable “Allow enhanced session mode” in Hyper-V settings and problems solved.