SharePoint Online Storage Increase

Great news, Microsoft is announcing a 20x increase in the SharePoint Online per user license storage allocation.

This will increase to 1 TB plus 10 GB per user license purchased.

Note this does not include SharePoint Online kiosk plans including Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1.

Example scenarios of increased storage allocation:

100 user licenses 5000 user licenses 100,000 user licenses
Base tenant allocation 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Per user license allocation 1 TB (100 * 10 GB) 50 TB (5000 * 10 GB) 1000 TB (100,000 * 10 GB)
Total tenant allocation 2TB 51 TB

1001 TB

This change will start rolling out on July 1, 2018 and will be completed by the end of August 2018.

Time to move from local file shares and take advantage of the cloud and O365.

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