SharePoint 101 – Image Column in SharePoint list view

SharePoint list is a really powerfull tool, now and then we want it to do even more.


  • I want the list the have a picture column
  • This column is should contain a link to a picture
  • But I don’t want the picture to be shown in full size as it will “destroys” the list view
  • I don’t want to use code or workflow or css/javascript fix

I want something like this:


Step by step:

  1. Create you list, then you will need a column of type “Hyperlink or Picture”| choose format url as “Picture”
  2. Create a standard SharePoint picture library
  3. Go to Site Settings | Image Renditions | If you don’t see it, turn on publishing featureimagecolumn002
  4. Create a rendition of your choiceimagecolumn003
  5. Then navigate to your Picture library and upload your image, when you select the image, in the ribbon you will se Design | Edit Rendition | Click “Edit Renditions”. This will give you the full link of available renditions og the selected image
  6. Copy the URL and paste it in the Picture Column and you’re doneimagecolumn006

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