SharePoint 101 Limited-Access User Permission Feature – PAIN!

Everybody ever working with SharePoint Permission know for a fact that is a real PAIN!!

I recently experienced how pain-full it can be sometimes.


We have a solution with some nice SharePoint sites | some of the sites have broken inheritance down in the hierarki, and everything has been working great.

Last week i received a request saying that users that’s supposed to have access can no longer access the content. My first thought was that someone has been “handy” with the permissions, turns out everything was fine except that uses don’t have access any more.

Turned to our “best friend G” for help and found this article hidden deep down on page 5

It turns out our problems was because of this:

When you share a folder with a user who can’t access the parent folder or site, SharePoint assigns the user limited access to the parent items. Specifically, SharePoint lets the user access the folder without obtaining permission to access the parent folder and other items (other than limited access). However, after Limited-access user permission lockdown mode is enabled, the user doesn’t have access to the folder because the necessary limited access permission on other items no longer works correctly.

This feature was turned on during last weeks deployment schedule, but no one knows this will break the custom inheritance before it happened.

We turned it OFF as we don’t need it, and peace is returned to my SharePoint Universe.

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