Content by Search – Responsive News Slider

One of the features I’ve always missed in SharePoint OOTB is a News Slider, and with SharePoint 2013 and the new web standards for “mobile first cloud first” ect… what I’ve been missing is a Responsive News Slider.

The solution is SharePoint Content by Search and a good JQuery Slider of your choice.

My preferred JQuery slider add-on: thanks too the creator: @viljamis. Special thanks to
Bastian Gutschke.

What do you need?

  • The above JQuery Add-on or any other
  • SharePoint Content By Search

How do you proceed?

  • Create a copy of one of the default display control templates(I’ve used the “Slider” template)
  • In this template add the references to the custom jQuery and css

  • Call the jquery function and css class

  • If needed create your own “Item display template”
  • In SharePoint style library create a new folder named “Slider” and add the resource files:

  • Publish the files and configure your Content by Search with the above display template


The Result is a beautiful slider, the slider will be able to display dynamic content from both image libraries and pages libraries:

Slider on desktop:


Slider on mobile:






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